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My name is Craig and I recently just purchased a Truth Cam 60. I've not gotten it yet but I was just curious if its a good quality camera like I'm hoping it is. I've got numerous trail cameras(cheaper cameras) and have been wanting to make an investment on a good trail camera that doesnt take a lot of false pictures, or doesn't flash when it needs to be using the flash. I always try to buy primos products cause I have yet to be dissapointed in there products. I'm just hoping this purchase is the same quality.
Todd Imiola
You'll be very happy with your purchase. The Primos line of cameras are the best for the money in my opinion. The battery life is great and so are the pictures. They are also very simple to use. I'll also say that the customer service is hard to beat.
I have the 46 truth Cam and love it! It is awsome for the price. It keeps going and doesnt fail me. I had it in a corn fied this year to try to get a buck that I am looking for. The wind blew and I had 1800 picture in 2 days. I got 8 pictures of deer but most of the rest were just bloweing corn. I figured this would happen but I was living on the edge and tried it anyway. I still had 85% battery life and am now at 2700 and have 60% battery life left! Awsome. I am going to try the nexct batteries on the video mode and see hoe long they last there. wink.gif
Thanks for the info. I'm just looking for a good camera that will flash when its suppose to. I have a couple wildview/wildgame innovation cameras that wont flast when its almost dark. I've got a couple decent bucks on the camera but of course the better pictures of the deer you can barely make out. The camera just didn't flash when it needed to, they would have been severaly good photos of the bucks that I could have to tell the size of them a lot better if the would've worked properly.
Yup buy Primos truth cams I have almost every model and they all work great you won't be disappointed
I've got it in the woods right I'm on duty all wknd so I'm going to miss opening day in NC, but I get off monday morning so I will be checking my camera as soon as I get to my cabin. Thanks for the positive intel, can't wait to see what kind of results I get.
Any updates since the camera has been in the woods?

I am thinking about getting the 60.
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