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I decided to try and make a vortex machine to add to our spread nxt year and it turned out quite well. Total cost for the build 2$. And that was spent on eyelits for the air luckys, everything else I found laying around work and the farm. Check it out on YouTube and let me know what you think. Also if you've had experience hunting with em, how they work. Thanks

Dominick Grossi
I've never used one. This looks pretty cool.
If I could make one that cheap, than yeah I'd give it a try. I don't think they are worth the money if you had to buy one though.
let us know how it works.

Used one hunting snow geese...they definatley work.

You'll pounds the ducks man, nice work!
Ya I made it for hunting ducks at our dry pit to help get some attention to our spread but we got a nice snow goose spread out we been killing a few birds over if I had some siloflyers I'd take it.
Oregon Turkey Hunter
is this run off a battery? Seems like alot to lug out into the field and set up each time,but I do like the whole thing,you could build it in a field you hunt and leave it there but I am thinking a beaver pond,stand it up in the reeds,to help hid the shaft,and just leave it there and lug out battery and decoys each time,I have an awesome spot that it would work in!

This is the view from inside my blind!On the left of the photo you can see the reeds it would go nicely in there!
They do good it situations, and like Pete said if you have a place to leave it than its great. But I don't have that luxury. And I don't think they work any better than the 3 -6 Mojos I can usally get acess to, to put out.
Yes it's ran off a 12 volt battery we keep in the pit, it's our private pit so yes it'll stay in the 60 days of season. I still gotta paint it and I got a shorter shaft to put it on so it'll be basically on the ground. The only thing that worries me is a big corn fed mallard falling on it and breaking an arm wink.gif
That would be a problem with the store bought one also wouldn't it? The bird falling on an arm and busting it?
I'd say
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