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Attached is a link to my 2010 Nebraska Mule Deer. I harvested this buck in Nebraska. I had an opportunity at this buck last Saturday morning and did not seal the deal. The same buck presented me the same opportunity in the same place at about the same time Tuesday morning and I was able to arrow him at 8 yards. He is about a 21 1/2 inch wide 4 x 2 (5 x 3 eastern count). I passed on this buck last year as he was a little too small. I'm pretty sure its the same deer because of the 2 points on the left. He's cheating me a couple inches in there, but a nice mature muley nonetheless. Not the biggest out there, but at 8 yards...would be tough to pass up. My first Nebraska muley!

Not often you get to fully redeem yourself with the same animal in the same place like that (at least it hasn't happened to me before)...

Heck ya! Nice job brother!
Very nice Buck, Congrats.

Jonesy Ruger Lover
Congrats on fine looking buck!!!!
Way to go, buddy! Congrats on a nice buck!
Nice buck! Congrats
very respectable buck, congrats....
Nice buck congratulations.
I think that's a fine buck and you'd be crazy to let him walk, especially with such a great shot opportunity! Congratulations!
Nice Buck! Congrats.
good job meat in the freezer biggrin.gif
How did you get an 8 yd shot in open country like that?!

Nice job. Thanks for the pic.
tall tine hunter
Nice buck ! Up close and personal in open country is a heck of a feat. Had to be pretty cool!
I watched him and 5 other bucks bed down in the morning right below a bluff facing out. After a mile and a half walk around from where I was sitting to behind the bluff, I was able to peak over and see him. He was with a 5x5 that would have probably scored a little better but was much smaller. He had the points, but not the width or heaviness and with muleys, width always looks nice. He'll be a good one next year though.

We need some good grassland muleys in this forum to balance out you mountain men a little...
great muley but i have a question, why did you say he is a 4 x 2 (5 x 3 eastern count). i dont get that. unsure.gif
At 8 yards you could've forked him to death biggrin.gif Congrats...good buck!
Awesome, congrats on a beautiful buck!

Can't help but notice the Primos bow sling in the pic, what a great hunting invention that thing is!!!!
Todd Imiola
Great looking buck!
Randolph Cox
very nice! was this private land?
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