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Two neighbors, Bill and Buck, from down in Georgia decided to go coon hunting together one night. "You bring the light, I'll take care of getting them out of the tree!" Bill said.

They showed up at the required place and time with the dogs, though Bill didn't bring a rifle, just a sack across his back.

Well, the dogs soon struck a hot trail, and treed a big old coon high up. "Watch this!" said Bill. He slung the sack off of his back, and out came a little spider monkey, in a straw hat and overalls.

"Monkey! Go get that coon!" ordered Bill, and the monkey gave Bill a salute, and climbed the tree Reaching the branch with the big old coon in it, the little monkey got face to face with the coon, and then pulled a derringer out of his overalls pocket and shot the coon stone dead out of the tree.

"By gum, that's what I need, a coon huntin' monkey! Where'd you get that monkey?" cried Buck. "I paid two hundred fifty dollars for him at the pet store, best money I ever spent!" declared Bill.

Next day, Buck went to the pet store, but was told that was a once in a lifetime monkey, they couldn't find him one at any price. Bill told Buck, "Heck, why come and borrow that monkey anytime you want, he loves to hunt with hounds!"

Buck took him up on the offer, and Bill gave him the monkey in the sack. Buck went out that night, and his new hound struck a trail and led them to a big Gum tree by the creek. Buck eagerly opened the sack and commanded, "Monkey get that coon up there!" The monkey tipped his hat and scurried up the tree.

Ten minutes passed, and Buck had lost sight of the monkey in the leaves and branches, and Buck was wondering what the devil was going on. Finally the monkey clambered down ran over to the hound still bawling "treed" glared at it, and pulled out his derringer, shooting the dog dead before climbing back into the sack.

Buck went back to Bill's place and confronted Buck. "Your dang monkey shot down my new hound!" said Buck.

"I fergot to tell ya, that there monkey can't abide a lying dog!"

I Hunt 365
LOL... a Jerry Clower classic.... still funny as the first time I heard it...
Central Oregon Bowhunter
laugh.gif laugh.gif
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif thats a good one!!!
ha great i can just picture a monkey like that in a old cartoon "curious george" but in overralls and hat
Bring 'em In
I have one of those monkeys. It's called a rifle. Nice joke
Man you just can't beat some old Jerry Clower jokes, he truley was the best.
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