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this spring were gona be hunting on the land we hunt deer on and i have seen turkeys around and on one rainy morning i was about 100 yards from a turkey that flew down but idk what there roosts look like? i know that if i look up in top the trees theres a bunch of nests made out of leaves and i dnt kno of this is there roost or not but they are pretty close to the field edges. thanks
Turkeys roost in trees but they don't build nests in trees. What you were seeing sounds like squirrel nests to me...huge bunches of leaves. The best thing you can do is look for busted limbs, feathers and turkey poop when trying to locate a roost area. They bust limbs & can loose feathers when they fly down....and of course they poop. smile.gif

Turkey nest on the ground. When they go to "roost" in the evening the simply fly p into the best tree they can find and sleep. They aren't like other birds that build nests.
thnx guys
Yep, swv is right....nest on the ground, sleep in trees.

Cool pic of some roosted birds...
I've seen them roost in everything thing from big oaks, to pines, and to skinny little trees.

When you scout look for broken flight feathers and droppings around the base of a tree.

A turkey roost looks like.............a tree! LOL, couldn't resist.

Good answers, and great picture Brosia!

Turkeys love to roost in trees that hang out over the water, and in some that grow from inside the water's edge, this is great protection against predators.
OKBow, you beat me to it! I knew somebody had to put that answer out there, it was just WAAYY too easy. LOL

But to be serious the other answers are all very good. And I agree, cool pic Brosia.
I always look for fairly tall and wide open trees that afford the birds a good field of vision. They love sycamore trees here in Kansas.. If you find a bunch of sycamores, especially near a creek, you can almost bet turkeys roost there sometimes, and sometimes all the time.. Check along creeks and creek bottoms. Often times turkeys will roost in the same areas day after day, but not always. If they get hung up or break out of their daily routine, they will roost in what ever trees are close by at dark. Like the others have said, look for old feathers, and poop on the ground, especially J turds. J turds indicate a tom or young jake. They are called J turds simply cause they look like J's or hooked turds. If you can get out a few weeks before season, go out before the sun comes up and listen for them gobbling and carrying on before fly down. Try and pin point the area and scout it out in the mid day hours when the birds are gone. Im always out yote hunting and I have been moving some deer stands lately too. I'll try to photo what it looks like on the ground if I can remember.

Here is some birds I watched roost near me a few month ago durring bow season. There were about 8 in this tree alone. But there was probably 50 of them all around me

Sycamore trees..

Hen turkey poop, theres is not shaped like a J. It almost looks like a dairy queen ice cream cone

tall tine hunter
Look for scratching's on ridge tops or benches. And any trees with a lot of fresh poo splattered on the ground below them.Also look for wing drag marks or broken feathers in these areas. The fresher the sign, the more recent they were there. In hill country,on windy days they like to roost off wind break ridges or down lower on the hills. And on occasions with a full bright moon,they have changed roost trees during the night. Not flying a mile to another tree, but trees nearby. Good huntin this year!
Where I hunt turkey here in the Northeast,they usually pick mature oaks or maples with wide broad limbs,usually with a Southeast slope so they get the first light in the mornings! Usually they sit up on the higher pionts of the ridges,or on shelves with a flat area for them to fly down too,where they feel safe to be able to see around them from the roost! I have found 4 places that every year hold birds,and they all usually roost within 100 yards of the same spot!For ten years now!What I mean is that for the last ten years I have shot mature Tom's off these ridges every year all within 100 yards of the same general area,what the attraction is there I have no idea,I could guess but that is all it would be!Guess when you hunt them enough you can just look at an area and know it is a good spot for turkeys to roost,something just clicks and you say this is the spot! biggrin.gif
Randolph Cox
Down here in Ga they may roost in a different tree every night.Seems like some birds prefer pines,and some birds prefer hardwoods.Since they don't roost in the same spot all the time it is hard to pick out a roost tree.If I hear a bird in an area I will go in mid-day and look around.I look for horizontal limbs they can stand on,and look for scat under the tree.As others stated I also look for feathers.

Now over in Nebraska and some other places where roost trees are far and few I have been told you can find as many as over 100 birds in one tree,and under the tree may be 3" deep or more of scat!Pretty obvious huh?

I have noticed birds like to roost in thicker spots during bright nights,and bad weather,and more open areas during dark nights and better weather.That's my area..
It's hard to tell where we hunt in Wis. It seems the birds just fly up to roost where ever they are when the day is over. One night while bow hunting the folks property I saw a flock of about 15 - 20 birds fly up and then fly down the next morning. In the 20 years the folks have owned the place its the only time any of us have seen turkeys roost there.
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