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I posted this in the Predator-Specialty forum to. So when I grow older, Im 15 right now, I want to join the Pro-staff. I plan on being like a Scout Sniper in the Military. That or just be in the Marines. I would like to get on the Pro-staff maybe after that. I love hunting. I would not give it up for anything. I coyote hunt. I deer hunt. I duck hunt. I go grouse hunting and a lot more. I've been buying calls over the years and now am thinking about getting on the righh path to being on the Pro-staff. What do you all need to do or be to join the Pro-staff? I am hunting almost every weekend whether its bowhunting, regular hunting, or coyote hunting which I do all year long. What do I all have to do to try and get on the Pro-staff. What do I have to do to get on the right path. Any suggestions or anything? Try and get me on the right path and help me here. Thanks people.
How does one become a Prostaff member?
You must reside geographically where there is an opening for a Primos Prostaff position. Then the process begins with you writing a letter directly to Will Primos at 604 First Street, Flora, MS 39071. Tell him a little about yourself, why you are interested in the Primos Prostaff and specifically where you live, including the county and it's proximity to large cities. The following is a brief listing of some of the things expected or required to be considered for a Primos Prostaff position: Must reside geographically in an area where an open Prostaff position is available, independent contractors performing a service "at will", avid and well-respected as an outdoorsman, ambassador to the general public for Primos, proficient in three or more game calling categories and the ability to become skilled with all of the Primos brand calls, must be at least 28 years of age, must have a valid e-mail address.
yepp i have already read that, im just seeing if anyone has any suggestions, or am i on the right path, or what should i be doing better or more?
Besides what Brenner as already stated, the best thing you can do is to become a competition/contest caller. Whether it be turkey calling, waterfowl, or what ever. And WIN! The bigger name you build for yourself the easier it will be to get on a prostaff. Since you have 13 years before you are eligable to be on Primos prostaff, you have plenty of time to become a master caller. Good luck to you!
i too want to become a prostaffer someday, but i would probably have to move to a different state since we have 2 here already and one not to far away from me. but i dopnt plan on living in NY for my whole life anyways. maybe missouri or montana
Do any of you know how to find out where pro-staff is needed? I think we have 2 in Wisconsin already. I wouldnt mind moving either. Especially for hunting.
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