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Just wondering what kinda treestands you guys use and recommend.
i just got a summit golithfor christmas its very slick i also got a metal ladder stand there nice also i have also made a few out of 2x4 if you were looking for a treestand i would go witha summit golith or viper i like the climbers because you can go to place to place with quick set up thats the idea i got i havent hunted with one yet tho
Summit Goliath and Viper are among my favorites.

Bought a Lone Wolf Sit and Climb this year and really like it. Easy to climb, very solid on a tree, comfortable, and very compact to carry. Its expensive but its a really well made stand.
My favorites are Lone Wolf, Gorilla, and Summit. For climbers, I like Summit and Lone Wolf. For hang on's, I prefer Lone Wolf and Gorilla. Lone Wolf's are a little pricey though.
Randolph Cox
I like my API grand Slam.I really like the shooting rail on it.It fits smaller and bigger trees than my friends summit.I would have to say that his summit is quieter,and more comfortable.It also bites into the trees very well.

I think I'm just gonna buy a summit replacement seat and put it on my API. laugh.gif
lone wolf, you get what you pay for. Have the hand climber for a climber 14.5 pounds and the alpha assault hang on with lone wolf climbing sticks fo that appraoch 16lbs. No longer do I hate those long walks. I find the sign hang and hunt. They are safe,quiet and rock solid did I mention they are super light.
Millenium Tree Stands!
The most comfortable stand I have ever hunted out of...
Summits for Climber, Gorilla for ladder, Loggy for lock ons.
Summit for climbers. i sort of like the Rivers Edge for ladder and never had a lock on.
I like Gorillas and I like the old 2x4.until they get rotted! :shock: :x
I like a lot of different stands. I love my ol man climber! Like my API lock on!!
I abosolutely love my Chippewa Wedge Lock treestand!!

It is the best hang on stand, and the easiest.
Does it look anything like this?

user posted image

This is an RMAC A22W rifle I found online. The site didn't give any other info on it, but it looks to be a rolling block. I'm guessing it probably takes a #11 cap. I have no idea how much powder it would take, and I don't have any idea where you could find ammo for it. The smallest I found was #4 buckshot (.24) at, and if anyone makes it for black powder they usually carry it. If you want to shoot it, you might could contact Lee and see if they'll make you a custom mold, but you'll have to buy a lot of other equipment to melt and pour the lead. You could also email the TOTW customer service and see if they know someone that would custom make the bullets for you - that's probably your best bet. If they point you to someone that can do it, they'll probably be able to tell you how much powder to use.

You might be able to find out more info on the rifle, and probably someone willing to make your bullets at a reasonable price, at 0 33821 0 0 0 0 286811 0 5857 Roverfan 1 1 1167923311 0 Anyone see this yet, wow whata PIG!
user posted image

[I fixed your image link for ya - wmramse.] 0 33992 NEw KY state record NT? 1 0 0 0 286812 0 2756 okbowman 1 1 1167923731 0 Any news Carol?? Just wondering how you're doing!! My prayers are with you!! 0 33490 0 0 0 0 286813 0 6874 RedneckRyan 1 1 1167923785 0 Tnat was killed in 05-06 or 05-04 0 33992 0 0 0 0 286814 0 617 hotshot 1 1 1167925127 0 Hey all,

well *IF* I were to get a Bow Tech bow, which I wouldnt. I would get that one 0 33980 0 0 0 0 286815 0 3891 montanaelkslayer 1 1 1167925541 0 [quote=pennarcheryhntr].. in pa there are more buck then doe not unlike these other places where you have to shoot a doe to even get your buck tag[/quote]

you can thank your fellow PA hunters for slaughtering your doe heard! PA had that killem all mentality a few years ago when it came to trying to do something constructive with their doe heard. Some say's it has worked but some says it hasnt. We will see in the next three years on how it affected PA since they went crazy and killed all the does and young button bucks. Yes a few of you have your thin eights this season and think that's the coolest thing since sliced bread but see what happens since now you dont have those other bucks that got slaughtered to replace the ones you shot this season

On the other hand, Stonebroke was just simply trying to say in known big buck areas you dont have to kill a little, thin antlered buck just to say you got something. Like some said it's the memories you take from the field, you dont have to shoot a little tiny spike/four pointer to get those memories. Just because you have a buck tag in your pocket doesnt mean it has to burn a hole in your pocket and shoot the first dang deer that walks by. IF your in a big buck state and have a little five pointer walk by then maybe what Stone was trying to say was to let it walk and stand fast for a doe, especially if your a big time hunting team.

I personally dont care what you shoot. If your happy with it then thats all that matters, but dont kill just to kill is all I am going to say! 0 33924 0 0 0 0 286816 0 867 OhioBBBC 1 1 1167925761 0 [quote]Tell me this..... How many of you see a doe along side the road and go home and call all of your friends and tell them about it. And, how many of you see a monstrous buck along side the road and forget to mention it to your hunting buddies? Speak up now....I'm listening.[/quote]

I do tell my buddies about road-killed does, is there a problem with that? I take care of the deer around my home and know most of them pretty well by their distinguishing markings. If one of the does I know gets whacked on the road I tell my buddies. I don't see what is so strange about that. 0 33924 0 0 0 0 286817 0 4088 hunt4life2 0 1 1167926052 0 stonebroke you make many great points that i do respect and i can tell by what you type that you are a conservationist and care alot about the game you hunt and i admire you for that. but i just think it was a little bit of a bold statement when you judged the guys on the deer they shot. but hey we all have our own opinions and i love hearing other peoples opinions and seeing everyone gettin fired up, thats what keeps me comin back :twisted: :twisted: .....also ohiobbc makes many great points in all his post as well i to know the deer on my little strip of 50 acres real well and talk about all of them alot 0 33924 0 0 0 0 286818 0 5525 drum817 0 1 1167926137 0 I have a gorilla (gray back) It is very well made & easy to set up. I'm 6' 4 tall so I wish I would have bought a bigger stand (that was my falt).
just bought a summit this year, by far the best i've used
I like Gorilla Stands.
Mike Reynolds
I've got a couple of APIs and love them. They're big and roomy and ROCK solid on the tree. As for climbers, I've got to say the Summit Viper is the best I've tried.
Mike Reynolds-Primos Prostaff(IL)
I use summit goliath for a climbing stand but for a ladderstand Big Game stands are the best to me.Theyve got lots of room and are real comfortable
for my next stand I would go with a lone wolf climber.
Summit Python. just tooo comfortable. hard to stay awake
is the summit python a new stand or something?
SUMMIT BACKPACKER ALL THE WAY can go anywhere and is really light and comfortable
Summit Goliath is one of the nicest stands out there.
i just got a summit cobra from a friend. it isnt new but very light and quiet
I mostly use portable stands with screw in steps but when I use climbers it's the API Grand Slam Bowhunter or the Summit Viper X5.
Summit Openshot biggrin.gif
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