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Alright guys & gals...Gotta question for you though I doubt anyone will know as of right now....I've been shooting a PSE Durango for a few years & love the bow but I'm starting to get that new bow itch again & I'm really leaning towards a PSE Team Primos STL...BUT....I want to know if the bow is gonna be in the 2004 lineup????? I dont want to drop the cash on a '03 & PSE redesign or drop the bow for '04........Anyone have any inside info on em yet??????????????
I have the 2003 STL and I find it hard to believe that it can be improved upon. I love it. I shot chucks with it all summer and just got a bear in New Brunswick with it. Even if a 2004 model came out, I would not care. This one rocks
they have come out with the 2004 line up and if I were you i would wait and take a look at the 2004 Team Primos STL, it is the perfect bow, look at it a you'll see what i'm talking about. i'm buying one int he spring because i just bought a new 2003 Mathews LX.
J Daddy,
Yes they have come out with a new Primos Bow for 2004. It is almost the same as last years model but one inch shorter and it also has differnet cams. The color is differnet but really that is it. This is a great bow. I have shot hoyt, mattews, and the Primos STL and it is better than any other I have shot. With PSE making this bow I think it would be a mistake to discontinue a bow that works well for everyone, but only make it better in the future. Good luck on your decision, but if it were me I would wait until the new model comes out.
Chad Schiermeier ( Primos Prostaff Idaho)
Yeah I agree guys...After looking at the new 04 lineup on PSE's site I think the new 04 Primos PSE will be my next choice....Great looking rig to me....
Jim Horn
Hey J-Daddy: You are on the right track when you are looking at the Primos STL. PSE did their homework and came up with a bow that performs very well in all situations. I use the STL to hunt with and I have a competetion color bow too. This bow shoots so well it is going to be my primary competetion bow this year.

Also, it is very quiet.

Good luck on your selection. JH
Ken Reeves
Hey Dude, I love my STL. I alo have the Team Bow. THe STL Rocks. I think it is the best, most forgiving bow that I have shot!
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