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Will M.
1648 Tracker Grizzly and a 1976 Johnson 25 horse

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I would take a look at either the 4 stroke mErc's or Yamaha's. Currently hunt out of an 18ft Polarcraft with an ancient 60hp merc, looking to buy a 17 foot boat with a 25hp to hunt a few of the state lakes with hp restrictions. trying to decide between a Tracker Grizzly and a SeaArk.

Oh and I agree I don't know of any other type of hunting that is as hard on gear as waterfowlin, but that is probably part of the reason I am addicted too.

Good Huntin'
15 foot alumacraft waterfowler w/ northernflight boat blind

25 horse honda

blind probly cuts 5 mph off the top speed shell do 25 w/o and around 20 w/
Feet Down
I know that my rig is bigger than what you were looking for (motor anyway) but here goes. 17 1/2 foot all weld express modified hull, 50 hp Honda 4 stroke.

The Honda is so quiet and fuel efficient you would not believe it. It is absolutley amazing!!!! Best motor for the money on the market.
Matt Brimmer
I guess to answer the question the best I would need to know what you are going to use the boat for and in what type of water. Here is what I run!

My marsh or shallow water bout (going to built by a local builer) is going to be a 1648 jon with a 35 Hyperdrive Sport (Mud Buddy).

My current every day hunting boat is a 1448 Grizzly (all welded) with a 40 HP OMC and a Jack Plate.

The one theing you will find is that Riveted Boats arn't rated for as much HP or weight as the Welded. You have a great boat. If you are going to use it for fishing and hunting than look at the 4 stroke Honda, Evenrude (sp) or the Merc's. The only theing you will have to do is reinforce the transom of you boat (due to weight) wich is very easily done. If you are going to running in shallow water than you may also consider adding a Jack Plate. If you are interested I can post pic's of my boat, motor, blind ,etc when I get home from a hunting/Thanksgiving trip.
Post them picks, I am trying to figure out blind ideas for my new shallow water boat, it is a 1648 flat bottom Jon. It is for smaller lakes and I got it with a tip off trailer for large ponds and what not.

It is always fun to see what other guys have come up with for their rig.

Good Huntin'
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