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Daniel Smith
The topic by Deltabowhunter got me thinking... I always find it interesting when I attend shows or take hunting trips to admire the sticker and or license plate schemes on hunters vehicles. What kind of stickers do you have on your back window? What kind of license plate leads the front of your rig? Come on, this question is for everybody.


Primos Logo Decal, Mossy Oak Decal, Primos Deer Skull on back window of my truck.

Primos Pro Staff License Plate on front.
Daniel Smith
Thats what I like to see, Somebody expressing theirselves, MOSSY OAK STYLE!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

double 0
No stickers or plates here. And it sure isn't Mossey Oak. Just some paint and a mad wife! :oops:

user posted image
Sounds like STL and double o are a little more obsessed than the rest of us.. laugh.gif Way to go guy's keep up the good work biggrin.gif
I have a Ducks unlimited sticker on one side of my back window and a flowmaster sticker on the other. i have a 2000 silverado 4x4
I just have some cupped up ducks and used to have the browning deer but took it off and am bout to put my Matthews sticker on if it will quit raining for about 1 day smile.gif
I got a Primos Elk and Turkey Sticker, a muley sticker, a primos sticker that says I'VE HUNTED ALMOST EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE, THE REST HAVE BEEN WASTED., a Lamiglas sticker, and a Gamakatsu sticker on my 86 Toyota 4x4. Oh and I have a camo seat cover and assorted turkey and pheasant feathers in the pocket on my sun visors.
I wish Sims Vibration Laboratories made stuff for Jeeps besides stickers!!!! :wink:
all i have on my '03 ranger 4x4 is my Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild United Sportsmen of America sticker, but it is a insie sticker and it doesnt show up well, need a outside one badly
double 0
QUOTE(Speak The Language)
OK, remembered how to do this, so here is my hunting truck

The Whitetail Wagon aka

The Turkey Taxi aka

The Mossy Oak Monster!

1984ish Toyota

user posted image

user posted image

For my 93 4x4 F150 I have a Primos Speak the Language sticker , a NRA sticker , Mossy Oak Not a Passion--------- sticker , and a NWTF sticker on the back window 8) [/b]
On back rear windows i have matching Ducks Unlimited stickers and on the back window i have a hoyt sticker. Also a mossy oak and primos sticker.
I don't have any stickers on my truck but I do have MOSSY OAK seat covers.
I have a Bowtech, a Hoyt sticker, Team Realtree and a Primos sticker also a bugling elk in the back window
Maryland Bowhunter
On my truck I have matching Zink stickers on each side of the window .
Jeepin Bowhunter
Depends on tehe time of year. In the off season the Hardtop comes off and I have no stickers sad.gif When the top goes back on in the fall I have

1 Speak the language
2. Ohio Stae
3. Browning
Jimmy 2 Frogs
my 1500 4x4 has a rebel tag on the frount
a new primos turkey tail decal on the rear window
opposite that a rebel flag w/the south was right
under that yankees suck
in the middle a primos sticker 'i hunted most of my life, the rest of the time was wasted'
on the bumper on right rebel flag w/i am a proud descendant of a confederate soldier
on the left 'REWARD' report fish and wildlife violations, fla fish and game comission
and last a picture of an indian w/my heroes have allways killed cowboys
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